Vinyl Wrap or Paint?

Vinyl Wrap or Paint? Which one is better

So word on the street is that you want to change the color of your car. And the best two methods to change the color of your car are either one through final wrap or two through paint. There is the option of plastic, but trust me, it's a whole mess. You guys do not want to get into that. So first up, let's talk about costs. Now, if you want to get it professionally done, paint is almost always going to be double. If not triple the price of vinyl. Now, if you guys are DIY it's Hey, can be a lot cheaper than vinyl wrap. Now, of course, it depends on the quality of paint that you get to paint this whole three 50, the paint and the clear coat only costs around $500.

So after you've decided whether you're going to go with paint or vinyl next up on the list is prepping. Now prepping for paint is way off. Then prepping for vinyl. So with paint, you have to spend hours and hours sanding, cleaning, and then Sandy and cleaning again, you spend hours on hours, just prepping. You have to mask stuff up. You have to, it's just a lot of work. I don't want to make it seem easier than it is, but with vinyl, you kind of just clean off the surface. And as long as you have a contaminant-free surface, you're good to apply with vinyl and. That's to disassemble the car. So you have to do that with both of them, but when it comes to prepping for paint, there's just no room for mistakes. You have to make sure that the area you're doing it in is spotless.

It's crazy to think about, but you also have to figure out a way to bring air in without bringing any contaminants in. And you have to figure out a way to bring air out when it comes to preparation. It takes a lot more time and a lot more effort. You're definitely going to be spending a lot more time prepping for paint than you are prepping for vinyl.

So now once you've prepped, it's time to apply. Now that alone will take you about an hour and a half to maybe two hours to do so imagine wrapping this entire car would take at minimum two days. It would take a long time to apply the wrap properly and to the whole car laying on paint. And clear-coat should not take you a longer than three. Spraying the paint itself and spring the clear coat itself. Doesn't take that long to spray down the entire car. It only takes like five to 10 minutes. Then you just have to let it dry. And then you have to spray out another coat. Then you have to let it dry and spray on another coat. And you just have to keep doing that painting itself.

Doesn't take that much time. All the other stuff that comes with a painting makes it take more time. Spring. The paint on the car is actually the quickest part of the whole process. Now, once you've applied, it is time for cleanup.

Now clean up with paint is a lot harder than cleaning up with rap. You're just left with big sheets of paper like this, and you just throw away. It's a lot easier than with paint. You have to unmask the car, clean the paint out of your tools. When you sand, there's a lot of dust that gets in there. You have to clean up all the dust you have. Clean up there is literally so much more work to clean up paint than it is just to throw away big sheets of paper. When it comes to cleaning up. I'm telling you guys vinyl is your best friend. I don't know. I still feel kind of weird. There's going to be a lot of orange peels. The paint is smooth, but that is fixable.

You cut and bought this entire car in one day. And the paint went from this to this. You can smooth out any orange peel when it comes to painting, but when it comes to wrap, you really don't have that much playroom. The stuff with what you got. If you have a garage you can probably go for painting. But if you only have a driveway, then you might want to find a wrap. If you're good with very meticulous little details, then you might want to just vinyl wrap. But if you kind of mess up and you need to go back and fix your mistakes and maybe painting is your option from somebody that has applied both boats. So, these are just a few things that should be picked up with my experience from painting and vinyl wrap.

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